Clueless About Diaper Bags?

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What kinds of diaper bags are there?

Clueless About Diaper Bags?

So, you're baby shower bound and you've heard that diaper bags make great baby gifts--you're sold on the idea. Now that you have decided to buy the new mommy a diaper bag you need some diaper bag tips. If you're completely in the dark when it comes to the bags, let's start with the basics.

Diaper bags usually come in three basic styles:

  • Hand held tote bag
  • Over-the-shoulder purse style
  • The backpack diaper bag

Some diaper bags are versatile and have both over-the-shoulder straps and hand held straps. Diaper bags are generally available in two sizes: Large, which hold tons of baby supplies and toys and smaller bags, which hold just the essentials.



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