What Type of Bag Should You Get?

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Is a diaper bag a good baby shower gift?

What Type of Bag Should You Get?

New baby gifts can sometimes be hard to select. There are countless things out there that the new mother and baby will require. How will you ever decide? First things first, what will the new mother really need? A bunch of things, that's what. Instead of drowning in the endless possibilities, why not get her a diaper bag to cart around all of her baby supplies when she's on the go? The next order of business is to select the perfect type of diaper bag for the mother-to-be. Before selecting one take into consideration the type of person that she is. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is she basically a stay at home mom who will rarely leave the house for long periods of time or is she constantly on the go and will need to bring everything with her?
  • Is she a perpetually prepared woman who is likely to pack everything she could possibly need or is she the type of woman to only pack the basics?

Once you have answered these questions you are well on your way to selecting the size of bag that the new mommy will need. Now, you need only pick a pattern that will match her personality.



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