Bathtime Goodies

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What are some good bath time baby shower gifts?

Bathtime Goodies

Bathtime is an essential part of every new parent's routine so keep that in mind when brainstorming for a baby shower gift idea. That little baby is going to need to get squeaky clean on a frequent basis so why not provide the mom-to-be with some bath gifts that can help improve the bathing experience. Let's face it, babies like to be entertained so why not pick up some adorable bath puppets that can double as scrubbing tools? Another fun form of bath amusement is baubble bath (try ordering some with a soothing lavender scent). And, when that cute little bundle of joy gets out of the suds, make sure that you provide him or her with sweet little hooded towel (that you can find in an assortment of animal designs) and great smelling lotions to keep that skin smooth as a baby's bottom!



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