Sports Gift

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What's a good baby shower gift for a little boy?

Sports Gift

We all know one--that glowing dad who has been holding his breath for a son since he found out his wife was pregnant. There's a special bond between father and son, one that leads to things like camping, fishing, and, of course, SPORTS. Yes, yes, every daddy wants his son to be a future sports superstar. Why not help give the little bundle of joy a head start? Make a sports-themed gift basket as a baby shower gift. Fill the basket with things like:

  • Soft sports balls
  • Sports-themed clothing
  • Sports-themed mobile
  • Sports-themed wall decoration (personalizing it will make it extra special)
  • Soft rattles shaped like assorted sports balls

Tie a big blue bow to the handle of the basket and attach a tiny, plastic sports ball decoration and you're ready to go!



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