Baby Dress-up

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What's a good baby shower present for a halloween baby?

Baby Dress-up

Is your friend or relative's little one due around Halloween? If so, there's a world of fantastic possibilities available when it comes to choosing baby shower gifts! Nothing pulls at the heartstrings more than a baby dressed up like a bumblebee or a pumpkin. Let's face it tiny Halloween costumes are adorable. Just a few of the most irresistible outfits available include:

  • A bunch of grapes
  • A dragonfly
  • A monkey
  • A frog
  • A turtle
  • A cowboy
  • A princess

Instead of wrapping the costume in gift wrap or a gift bag, roll it up in black tissue paper and place it in one of those plastic pumpkins designed for trick-or-treating. Your gift will be the hit of the shower and you can bet that some day soon you'll be receiving pictures of the new baby all dressed up.



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