Cover Those Tiny Tootsies

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What kind of footwear should I buy a new baby?

Cover Those Tiny Tootsies

There are so many different kinds of baby clothes out there! How do you decide which item to buy for that special baby shower gift? Why not start from the bottom! Tiny babies are fragile and so are their little tootsies so why not get some footwear for that sweet little infant. Something to remember about this point in a baby's life is that stimulation has been proven to help development. Now is the time when baby should be using his or her visual and auditory senses.

Try getting some adorable slip on baby shoes with squeakers in them. Baby can experience the exciting squeaks everytime those little feet touch something (or mommy and daddy squeeze them). If you want to go the visual route, buy mommy and daddy's new little princess some beautifully colored "Her Royal Highness Sock Booties." These sweet little booties are soft and colorful and they resemble tiny Mary Janes worn over vividly colored socks. There are countless footwear options available that would make great baby shower gifts, just make sure your choice stands out.



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