Safety Before Fashion

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Are any clothes dangerous to babies?

Safety Before Fashion

Here's a word to the wise: Before you you buy all those frilly, fancy baby clothes to give as a gift at the next baby shower that you attend, think about the safety of that baby before the trendiness of the clothes. Clothes adorned with attachments like clasps, buttons, lace, ties, beads, etc. are a potential risk to a new baby. If any of these things fall off they can become choking hazards. It's also not a good idea to buy clothing that is made of materials that may be scratchy against a baby's delicate skin.

Stick to soft materials that will be comfortable. And, try to refrain from outfits that have attachments that could hinder everyday activities (big buckles on the front that could make crawling or sleeping on her stomach uncomfortable, dangling pieces that could get tangled on teeny hands or feet, etc.). Remember, you can keep that little one looking cute while still keeping safety in mind.



9/8/2006 1:35:18 PM
Sushiberry said:

Amen to that! Aside from the safety risk, lace and beads have a tendency to get destroyed much more quickly than unadorned clothing. Maybe it's just my washing machine, but I steer clear from these kind of baby clothes now.


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