Give the Whole Kit and Kaboodle

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What if I can't decide on one baby clothing item?

Give the Whole Kit and Kaboodle

If you're having a tough time deciding exactly what type of clothing item to give as a baby shower gift, why not give them all? Instead of giving the mommy-to-be some adorable onesies, a couple pairs of leggings, or some tiny tees, why not get her a few complete outfits? Browse online to find some cool baby clothes in trendy prints that are sold in sets. Look for outfits that come with every piece included. Here are some options:

  • A romper set that comes with a matching romper, under shirt, and shoes
  • A pant set that comes with a chocolate colored shirt and a pink pant with a chocolate toile print
  • An adorable four piece set that comes with a patterned onesie, a waffle sweater, elastic waist pants, and a matching beanie

When you can't decide on just one clothing item, give the whole set!



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