Shout it From the Rooftop…or Lawn

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How can I help a new mommy announce her new baby?

Shout it From the Rooftop…or Lawn

A pregnancy is nine months of hard work and an expecting mommy pushes her body and mind to the limit. After three trimesters she will have a beautiful little miracle to show off and you better believe that she's earned bragging rights. Want to give a great pregnancy gift?

Wait until the little bundle of joy has been delivered and give the beaming new mom a way to announce his or her arrival. Give her a lawn stork. A lawn stork is a huge wooden stork (measuring about 5 feet tall) that is designed to sit in the new parents' lawn and shout to the world that they have a new addition to the family. You can have the stork decked out in pink or blue, depending on the sex of the baby. Prices vary from company to company but will usually run you no more than $70 for a week rental. Check out your local yellow pages or surf the web to find a company near you.



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