Get Her the Right Jewelry for her Personality

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What kind of mom jewelry should I get for an expecting mom?

Get Her the Right Jewelry for her Personality

There are countless types of baby gifts out there and an expecting mother is guaranteed to receive plenty of them at her shower. Why not make your shower gift something for the mom instead, like jewelry. Choosing that perfect type of mom jewelry to give as a baby shower gift can be tricky. The secret to making a good decision is to take the specific recipient into consideration. Need some ideas?

  • Is she the elegant type who likes beautiful simplicity? Then get her a nice string of pearls or a simple, gold bangle.
  • Is she funky and fun-loving? Get her a trendy beaded bracelet that has her name engraved on the beads or a fun charm necklace that reflects her personality.
  • Does she like symbolic jewelry that is representative of achievements or events? Buy her a beautiful maternity pen or an "expecting" charm necklace.



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