Honor the Big Brother or Sister

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What is the purpose of a sibling gift?

Honor the Big Brother or Sister

If a new baby is not the parents' first, there's a good chance that existing siblings might have a little trouble with the transition. When a new baby arrives, other children might feel jealous and less important and adjusting to having a new baby brother or sister can be tough. If you're shopping for presents for a new baby, it's a great gesture to pick up sibling gifts.

By giving siblings a gift as well, you can help reiterate the fact that they are special too and that the arrival of a new baby will not take all of the attention away from them. Receiving gifts will help them to see the positives in the event rather than trying to find negatives. When you present them with a gift, make it clear that it is a congratulatory gift for becoming a big sister or brother. Let them know that it is an important job and that it is a big honor.



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