Older Siblings Need Extra Attention

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What is something special that I can do for a new older sibling?

Older Siblings Need Extra Attention

With all of the chaos involved with preparing for a new baby, it's normal and natural for an existing child to feel neglected. If you can't decide on a sibling new baby gift to give that new big brother or big sister in the make, do something extra special. Plan a special little party just for that sibling. Make special "big brother" or "big sister" banners and make a special hat or crown for the guest of honor.

Invite close friends and family members and stress the fact that throughout the party all attention is to be focused on that special big bro or sis. Make sure that they know that being an older sibling is an important job and that they are going to have many new responsibilities. You'll have him or her forgetting about jealousy and bragging about the new honor instead.



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