Help her Understand

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How can I help a new big sister feel important?

Help her Understand

It's easy for a your existing child to feel anxious and jealous about a new baby's arrival, especially if she was an only child up until this point. It might be difficult to help a future big sister to understand that she will not be surrendering all of her parents' attention to a new child but will be sharing it instead. Try giving her one of the best big sister gifts around, a sense of understanding.

Do some research and buy a collection of child videos that include the introduction of a new sibling in the plot. Additionally, buy a bunch of story books with similar plot lines at your local book store. Put all of these items in a gift basket and present them to the new big sis. After reading the stories and watching the videos together, the expectant mommy can sit down with her little girl and discuss the evnt further. At this point, it is likely that she will have a better idea of what having a little brother or sister entails.



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