Modern Diaper Bags Combine Style and Convenience

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What features are important in a stylish diaper bag?

Modern Diaper Bags Combine Style and Convenience Tip: Every mom needs a bag to haul around the gear and accessories that come with parenting. When shopping for a diaper bag, say no to clunky, unattractive bags. Baby bags can look just like chic handbags, taking you from play date to hot date without a change.

Luxury diaper bags are indistinguishable from designer handbags. The only difference is that unlike normal handbags, these unique baby diaper bags have functional elements to make your life as a mom easier.

As with any bag, the style is the first thing you need to connect with. Look for your favorite colors and materials and then make sure that the diaper bag has the features you need. Most moms agree on a couple of key features. Washable or wipe-clean fabric can be a real bonus when you're dealing with diaper changes and public areas. Many diaper bags now come with magnetic closures so you can avoid the loud rip of hook and loop closures — a sound notorious for waking babies.



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