Track Every Precious Inch With a Growth Chart

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How can I save my children's growth measurements and milestones?

Track Every Precious Inch With a Growth Chart Tip: Do you remember standing up tall while your mother marked your height on the back of a door with a pencil? Chances are, those records of your growth as a child are long lost. Now that you're a parent, measure your child's growth and milestones with a growth chart to save those precious memories.

Kids growth charts are fun and functional. A growth chart serves as a decorative element in your child's nursery, while giving you the chance to track every precious inch. High quality growth charts made of canvas are beautiful and durable. From the time that little hands paw and grab to the time when your little one has become a big kid, you can carefully mark her growth.

Many kids growth charts can be personalized and hand-inscribed with your child's name. Track each of your children separately by giving them an individual chart with their name on it. With dozens of prints and motifs to choose from, your children's growth charts can truly be one of a kind. Once each child has outgrown her or her growth chart, pack it away as a treasured keepsake.



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