Wear a Custom Necklace that Suits Your Style

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How do I tell him exactly what sort of personalized jewelry I want?

Wear a Custom Necklace that Suits Your Style

BlissLiving.com Tip: These days, it's hard to find anything that's truly made to order. In the era of big package stores and outlet malls, few pieces of jewelry are actually one of a kind.

As the next special occasion approaches, make it clear to your spouse that you'd love a unique gift. Personalized necklaces are perfect accessories to celebrate your children and your style. Taking it a step further, handcrafted necklaces really shine as unique and beautiful gifts, because no two are exactly alike. Give your spouse a few hints so you get exactly what you want. A personalized necklace might not be what he thought of, so it's okay to just tell him!

You'll want to wear the touching symbol of your love for your children every day. There are many styles of personalized necklaces to choose from. Mommy jewelry is chic and very current. In fact, Heidi Klum had one around her neck during a recent interview with Oprah. And as Project Runway's host might attest, as long as you're true to your style, you really can't go wrong. Do some window shopping, decide whether you want a personalized name necklace or a charm necklace with initials or a personal phrase, and then leave a helpful link in his inbox.



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