A Small Diaper Bag for Short Outings

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A Small Diaper Bag for Short Outings

A good item to give the future mom is a small diaper bag that she can take with her on short outings with the baby. Most diaper bags are quite large and serve a great purpose for whole day trips, but if mom just wants to go to the store or for a quick visit to the park a smaller bag will be much more feasible.

There are many different types of small diaper bags, just make sure to get one that has space for a small folding changing pad (some bags come with them) a few diapers, a bottle, a bib and pockets for lose items. Mom can also put her wallet and keys in the bag so she doesn't have to carry an additional purse if she doesn't want to be overloaded.

The last thing to consider with a small diaper bag is just ot get one that will fit the mom-to-be's style, but with so many options available that won't be much of a problem.



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