Give Mom a Personalize Piece of Art

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How can I incorporate the baby's name in my gift?

Give Mom a Personalize Piece of Art

If the baby's name has been chosen before the baby shower, take the opportunity to incorporate the name into your gift. It will make the gift feel more personal and the mom-to-be will appreciate your thoughtfulness. This can be as simple as addressing the card to the new baby or including the baby's name on your gift wrap.

For an even bigger idea, make the name the focal point of your gift. A fun option is a personalized piece of art to hang in the nursery. There are a variety of companies that offer custom-made art for kids that can include the baby's name or initials. Options range from playful paintings that depict whimsical scenes to more contemporary wall hangings that feature simple stripes or polka dots. There are many styles and designs to choose from, so be sure to consider the nursery theme and color pallet before making your decision.



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