Fashionably “Green”

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How do I choose an environmentally-friendly diaper bag?

Fashionably “Green”

Going green has never been more popular, especially when it comes to a new baby. More and more moms are choosing to use cloth diapers, chlorine-free baby wipes and organic cotton blankets, so why stop when choosing a diaper bag? Some might think environmentally-friendly means basic and boring, but you don't need to sacrifice style to be earth-conscience.

A great example is the Ecobaby Tote by Amy Michelle which is made from recycled fabrics and plastics. This designer diaper bag has a black exterior and patterned green lining, revealing a classy look. It looks great as a shoulder bag, but it can also be worn as a backpack, depending on the occasion. In addition to looking great, the Ecobaby Tote also helps you stay organized. It features compartments for all babys needs as well as a separate pocket for mom's essentials. If you want to portray to others that you are going green, the Ecobaby Tote is also available with a world piece logo.



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