Diaper Bag for Dad

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Is there a diaper bag designed for dad?

Diaper Bag for Dad

Most designer diaper bags are geared towards woman, featuring bright colors, pretty bows and feminine accessories. But when dad is toting around the baby, mom's frilly bag just won't cut it. Instead of feeling embarrassed, men can now find diaper bags that are made just for them. Designers have realized the need for more manly styles and have created a number of hip and stylish diaper bags that cater to a man's sense of style.

Diaper Dude is a brand that was born from the idea that being a dad does not have to mean looking un-cool. Offering camouflage fabrics, utility-style messenger bags and “DudepPack” backpacks, a bag from Diaper Dude is anything but girly. Although these diaper bags are designed for men, they are still equipped to store and organize all of baby's necessities. Dad can also get matching accessories, like pacifier pouches and changing stations, so he is ready for anything.



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