Dress to Impress

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How do I choose a diaper bag that is right for me?

Dress to Impress

A diaper bag is an essential item for any mom. Every time you leave the house, the baby is in one arm and the diaper bag is in the other. For a bag that gets so much use, it should be treated like part of your wardrobe. What you wear is a reflection of who you are, so opt for a diaper bag that shows off your personality.

There are a number of styles to choose from, so make sure to consider the following features before deciding on the one that is right for you.

  1. Size – evaluate what you will need to carry on a daily basis and select the appropriate size.
  2. Color – think about the colors in your wardrobe and choose a bag that compliments what you wear.
  3. Function – make sure the bag is set-up to accommodate the items you need to store in it.



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