Give Her Jewelry

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What can I get mom that is sentimental?

Give Her Jewelry

The most memorable Mother's Day gifts are the ones that have sentimental value. For a mother of young children, a treasured gift can be as simple as a handmade card or macaroni necklace. For a new mom, her baby will most likely need a little help picking out a gift. Even though you will be the one buying the gift, look for something that will make mom feel like it is from the baby.

Jewelry is always a great gift idea and it gives mom something shiny to show-off to family and friends. One option is to have a piece of jewelry personalized with a message from the baby. Something as simple as “To My Mommy, With Love (baby's name) is sure to melt her heart. Another idea is to incorporate the baby's picture into a piece of jewelry, like in a key chain or a locket. Then she will always have her baby with her even when they are apart.



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