Help Her Connect with Baby

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How can I help mom connect with baby

Help Her Connect with Baby

Some expecting moms can get so caught-up in preparing her home, car and lifestyle for a new baby, they can forget to prepare emotionally. Since the baby is not here yet, it can be easy to overlook that they will soon be giving birth to an actual person. A great way to help her connect with the baby is to give her personalized baby gifts that remind her of how significant this moment will be.

One idea is to get a bunch of personalized onesies that have cute sayings geared towards mommy. Some sayings could include “(baby's name) loves his mommy” or “my mommy is the best” or any other personal message that will make her feel special. This gift will touch her heart and make her feel so much closer to her new little bundle of joy. Then your mission is accomplished; she is thinking about the baby rather than the baby's stuff.



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