Don't Forget About Storage

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What are some storage solutions for a nursery?

Don't Forget About Storage

When designing your nursery, make sure to incorporate lots or storage. Babies have a lot of stuff and they just accumulate more as they grow. There are many types of storage needs, so make sure to address each one with the right equipment.

A great solution for diaper storage is a combo changing table and dresser. Generally, it will have a drawer on one side for clothes and a pull-out section for diapers and wipes on the other. A bookshelf will double as a place to store books and to display pictures and knickknacks. Toy chests are especially handy since they can hold just about anything. They are a great solution for blankets and bedding for baby and, of course, toys when your child is older. Some toy chests are also equipped with cushions that provide additional bench-like seating. Nursery storage solutions come in many colors and styles. Some even feature whimsical murals to compliment your décor.



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