Safety First

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What are some safety concerns I should consider when designing a nursery?

Safety First

When you are designing your baby nursery, make sure to consider safety when choosing your layout and decor. To avoid potential hazards, here are a few tips to help you make safer decisions:

  • To reduce sleeping hazards, choose a firm crib mattress and make sure it fits snuggly inside the crib. Also, keep loose bedding, like blankets and pillows, outside of the crib.
  • Avoid hanging any wall art directly over the baby's crib. Not only could the item itself fall on the baby, but the nail or thumb tack used to hang it could end-up in the baby's crib.
  • Do not place the crib or changing table near a window. This will reduce your baby's exposure to the sun and prevent choking and hanging hazard by keeping drapery cords out of reach.
  • Make sure to cover all electrical outlets in the room and put window guards on all windows.



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