Don't Go Overboard

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How can I add flair to a nursery?

Don't Go Overboard

Picking out your nursery décor can be so much fun, but some moms can get out of control when it comes to the accessories. Sure, everything looks cute in the store, but you don't want your nursery to end-up looking like a disaster because there is too much to look at. Keep the knickknacks to a minimum and focus on the main items that will really pull the room together.

The basics include the furniture, nursery bedding, wall hangings and window treatments. These items should be coordinated to define the space in the room. If you want to add a little flair, kids' rugs are a great addition to any nursery. Since it draws attention to the floor, it provides a grounded focal point that will not overpower the room. There are all sorts of shapes and sizes available, so you can definitely find one to fit your nursery theme.



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