Throw a Party!

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What can I do to make my older child feel special?

Throw a Party!

After you have a new baby, it can be a tough adjustment for an older sibling. All of a sudden, they have gone from being the center of attention to sharing the spotlight with their new little brother or sister. They have probably noticed everyone doting on the new arrival, so it is important to make sure they do not feel slighted.

A great way to help with the transition is to throw them a “big brother” or “big sister” party to celebrate their new role. Go all out with decorations, cake, party favors and games to show them that they are just as special as the new baby. Not only will they love the party, but they will love the extra attention. Make it even more special by present the guest of honor with a gift from their new sibling. Guidecraft has some great gift ideas for a boy or girl.



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