A Baby Needs a BABY Blanket

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How large should a baby blanket be?

A Baby Needs a BABY Blanket

A baby blanket makes an adorable and practical baby shower gift. Before you choose just any blanket, however, keep some safety issues in mind. Under no circumstances should an infant be covered with an adult-sized blanket. If a blanket is too large there will be too much excess fabric and a baby could become tangled and injure himself or become completely covered and risk suffocation. They sell baby blankets for a reason—because they are the appropriate size for a baby. No matter how adorable that huge, fluffy, polka-dotted blanket is, don't buy it for an infant. Instead, opt for a pint-sized hooded blanket or a super-soft blankie (perhaps a flannel one lined with satin). Here are some other bedding safety tips to pass on to the expectant mother:

  • Before leaving a child unattended, all soft objects such as pillows and large stuffed animals should be removed from the crib
  • Baby should be placed on his back on a tight-fitting and firm mattress
  • Place baby with feet at foot of crib and tuck part of blanket under the mattress (the part that covers the baby shouldn't come up farther than his chest).



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