On the Road Baby Gift

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What's a good baby shower gift that the mother can use in the car?

On the Road Baby Gift

There's no doubt that, at some point in her life, that new baby is going to have to be toted somewhere in a vehicle. If you're trying to figure out what type of present to buy your friend for her baby shower, consider a car seat. Car seats are a necessity today and every good mommy needs one. When selecting a car seat for a new baby, make sure that it is age appropriate. You will need to select an infant or convertible seat (these are designed for infants that way less that 20 pounds and are under a year old). Once you have the perfect seat picked out don't wrap it up and put the bow on it yet. New babies are sensitive to temperature and it is likely that that sweet little girl is going to get chilly while on the road. Buy a cute baby blanket to go with the seat so that little angel can stay toasty. A soft, warm blanket made of fleece or chanille is a good choice. Some great selections are the "Blue Angel Chenille Baby Blanket" and the "Blue Toile Chenille Baby Blanket" both made my J. Shane.



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