A Rockin' Baby Gift

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What is a kind of functional baby gift that I can give?

A Rockin' Baby Gift

One of the best ways to calm a crying baby is by rocking it. Most babies are calmed by movement and will soothed by a rocking motion. For these reasons a rocking chair will make a useful baby gift to give at a baby shower. Aside from functionality, rocking chairs are timeless and, even when the baby is grown, are still likely to be kept around as reminders of childhood (or to rock new babies in). If you're sold on the idea of giving a rocking chair as a gift but want to make that chair extra special, have it personalized with the baby's name. And, if you really want to complete the gift, include a book of lullabies for the mother to sing to her child while rocking it to sleep. Also include a small pillow and a throw blanket to make the chair extra comfy.



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