String Them Along

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What is a plausible way to get a new wardrobe for a new baby?

String Them Along

If one thing's for sure it's that a new baby is going to need a new wardrobe. A baby shower is the perfect place for an expecting mommy to accumulate plenty of new outfits for her new little one. Why not turn her baby shower into a layette party?

To accomplish this you will need lots of clothesline or some sturdy yarn and a whole lot of clothespins. When you send out the invitations, specify that, as her gift, each attendee must bring an outfit for the baby. On the day of the party, string the clothesline around the room. Have all of the invitees show up before the guest of honor and, as they arrive, give them some clothespins. Tell each woman to hang her outfit somewhere on the clothesline. If all goes well, the clothesline will fill up and the room will be filled with an adorable new wardrobe. When the new mommy arrives she will be able to take in all of the new attire at once. And, everyone will be able to admire the gifts thoroughly throughout the event.

*This party will generally work better as a surprise party.



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