Help her Make a Mold

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What is a truly unique baby shower gift?

Help her Make a Mold

The miracle of life is a beautiful thing and so are the changes that the female body undergoes throughout pregnancy. A pregnant belly is a special thing that won't be there forever and definitely something that a new mother will want to remember. While photographs may capture the image of that belly it won't fully capture the essence of it. For your baby shower gift, give the mommy-to-be something to help her remember the experience.

One of the most truly unique gifts to give to an expectant mother is a “ProudBody Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit.” This kit allows the expectant mother to make a mold of her pregnant belly or her entire torso that will enable her to vividly remember the transformation for the rest of her life. The kit comes with all of the necessary casting materials as well a drop cloth to prevent mess, gloves to keep hands clean, and a sanding screen to get the mold smooth. This gift will definitely take anyone by surprise!



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