Give Something Comforting

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Should I give a new baby a comfort object?

Give Something Comforting

A newborn baby will spend the majority of his or her time sleeping and, as we all know, this is about the time when they begin to bond with their comfort object, or "transitional object" as many psychologists call them. While some might think that having one of these objects leads a child to form an unhealthy dependence, studies actually prove the opposite. According to research, bonding with one of these objects makes a child more independent as they can reach for this thing that they have control over when a parent is absent. Additionally, these objects have been proven to help a child adjust to situations that are new.

One of the best baby gifts you can give is something to become his or her comfort object. One great option is "My First Dolly" which is an extremely soft doll manufactured by Gund that even comes with its own baby blanket. Another is an "Ookie Newborn Doll" which is essentially a flannel blanket lined with satin. The Ookie Doll has knotted hands and a knotted head that allow a newborn to grasp it easily. And, a new mother can easily transfer her scent to the blanket by sleeping with it for a night.



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