Make Some Diaper Dishes!

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How can I make a great baby shower candy dish?

Make Some Diaper Dishes!

A baby shower is the perfect place to display your creative side. Looking for some cutesy ideas? Well, if you go down your baby shower checklist you'll find that you need both decorations and refreshments. Why not combine the two? One of the cutest ideas is to make homemade candy dishes that are shaped like diapers. Follow the instructions below to make your own:

  • Cut out pieces of felt (remember that these will be a candy dishes so make sure they're big enough)

  • Fold the felt pieces into diaper shapes.

  • Attach a small safety pin to each side of your diapers to give them a realistic look.

  • Hold the diaper upright and make sure that the center is hollowed out.

  • Dip each diaper into melted paraffin wax while maintaining its shape.

  • Cover each diaper completely with wax and remove.

  • Place diapers on a cookie sheet to cool.

Once your diapers have cooled, fill them with whatever goodies you'd like and display them. They're sure to be a hit!



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