How to Invite the Invited…

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How should I send out my baby shower invitations?

How to Invite the Invited…

So, you've created the perfect baby shower guest list, now what? You better start sending out those invitations or you won't have any guests. There are many ways to send out invitations including:

  • By mail
  • Making phone calls
  • Via email

If you decide to go the email route, make sure that all of the guests have email addresses and, more importantly, that they check their email regularly. It's imperative that you ask guests to RSVP in this situation and/or that you make follow-up calls. And, if you go the phone route, make sure you've got plenty of time to kill as it will most certainly take a while (and will probably require second and third rounds of phone calls).

The most recommended way of sending out invites is through standard mail. Everyone has a mailbox and the postal service is reliable. Plus, you can add personal touches to all of the invites (you can even write them by hand if you'd like). Make sure you include all pertinent information such as time, location, baby shower theme (if any), directions, and specifications of anything you would like the guests to bring.



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