Baby Shower Hostess Duties

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Baby Shower Hostess Duties

Someone special in your life is expecting a baby. In your excitement, you decided to throw her a baby shower. How thoughtful! If you've never thrown a baby shower before, you may not know what is expected of a good hostess. Following is a list of duties commonly performed by the baby shower hostess. Keep in mind that, unless the shower is a surprise, the Mom-to-be should be consulted on all matters.

Before the Shower

· Decide on a date and time for the shower.

· Compile the guest list (remembering to get input from the expectant mother).

· Send invitations and receive RSVPs.

· Choose a theme, if there will be one.

· Decide which games will be played.

· Make food and drink selections.

During the Shower

· Greet guests as they arrive.

· Introduce guests to each other.

· Coordinate activities, such as running the games, telling guests when to eat, etc.

· Help the mother-to-be with gifts.

· Assign someone to make a list of names and gifts given for the mom-to-be to send thank you cards to.

· Assign someone to bring each gift to the expectant mother to open (or have each guest present the mom-to-be with her gift).

· Hand out favors to the guests before they leave.

After the Shower

· Make arrangements to get the gifts to the mom-to-be's home.

· Clean up the venue where the shower was hosted.

· Give the list of guests and gifts given to the expectant mother for sending thank you cards.



6/3/2009 11:08:28 PM
Gabby said:

Do you have any ideas on throwing a shower for someone who hates baby showers? I don't know all the specifics of why she hates them (I personally think it's because she thinks many games that are played are silly). I liked your idea of bringing your favorite childhood book to give as I know she's a big reader, but any other ideas would be great. Thanks!


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