Get a Great Babyshower Cake for the Occasion

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Get a Great Babyshower Cake for the Occasion

A great baby shower is not complete without a great cake. There are many types of cakes you can get for the mom-to-be's shower, so be sure to get one that will work with your theme and the new mom's tastes.

A great idea is to get a personalized cake. You can do this two ways: get one at the bakery by ordering it in advance and telling them what kinds of decorations you want on them in detail. Or you can bake one and decorate it yourself.

If you can bake, making the cake yourself can be lots of fun; you can also enlist the help of two or three friends and have a blast decorating a cute scene on the special cake.

Some ideas include drawing the baby's and mommy's happy faces with icing onto the cake and writing their names next to them. If you have creative skills you could go all out and 'paint' a scene of the happy mommy walking her baby in a stroller at the park. The possibilities are endless on what pictures you could put on the cake; of course, the bigger the cake the bigger the 'canvas'. Be sure to personalize the cake by adding messages and/or names of the mommy, baby and even daddy too!



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