Babyshower for a Second or Third Baby

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Babyshower for a Second or Third Baby

Traditionally, babyshowers are only given to first time moms. It's a good way to get the new mommy all the stuff she needs at a time when she's probably very anxious and nervous about the huge change she's about to undergo.

However, the arrival of a second or third child is just as happy and welcoming as the first and there's no reason why it shouldn't be celebrated. If the mom already has most of the items she needs for baby, you can still have a little party for the arrival of the new baby and not get her any baby items she doesn't need. You can mention in the invitation that gifts are optional or make a point to get things for the mom instead. Even if this is not her first pregnancy, she is still big and uncomfortable and anything to make her relax and feel better will be most welcome, I assure you!

Items such as comfy pajamas, soft or un-perfumed (in case her sense of smell is out of wack!) lotions, soft socks, chocolate, books, anything to make it easier, will work wonders. Guests can also bring a little gift for the current children to help them at a time when everything is centered on the new arrival, which may make them feel left out in some cases. The kids can also be part of the babyshower and help in organizing it, or if they are very young they can do their part to 'help' set things up so they feel included.

So, even for veteran moms, a shower for a second and third (and fourth!) child can be a good idea and can also serve as an excuse to get together with friends and have some fun. The occasion can also be a good opportunity to let the mom relax and enjoy herself with her friends while they also attend to mom's other kids and take care of things for mommy for one day.



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