Use That Blanket Everyday

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How do I choose a practical blanket?

Use That Blanket Everyday

If you are looking for a practical shower gift, a baby blanket is one of the most sensible choices. A newborn is wrapped in a blanket almost 24/7, so a new mom will always need to keep one within arm's reach. For a versatile blanket that will keep-up with baby's needs, make sure to choose one made from a multipurpose fabric.

Fleece is a very popular material that is warm, light-weight and breathable. It is suitable for a number of uses including, swaddling, sleeping and on-the-go. Fleece is also water repellent, drawing moisture away from the skin to help keep baby dry. This durable fabric is also stain resistant, so it will stand-up to daily use and it is easy to clean. For a super cuddly option that is both cute and functional, try the blanket with satin trim from Fleece Baby. This blanket has received rave reviews from top TV shows and publications including CBS Early Show and Time Magazine.



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