Keep it Interesting

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How do I make my gift fun to open?

Keep it Interesting

Everyone knows that if you plan on attending a baby shower, you need to be prepared to ooh and aah as the mom-to-be opens gift after gift. When you are choosing the baby gift you will give, think about how you can make it fun for the mom-to-be to open - and for the guest to watch.

If you buy one expensive item, the excitement last for about one second and then it is on to the next gift. If you buy too many little gifts, it can take forever for each one to be opened. To leave the best impression, try combining one big item with a few smaller items.

It is helpful if the items relate to one another so the gift is cohesive. There are a number of gift combinations that will work well together. You can buy a diaper bag and include some on-the-go baby essentials or maybe a crib set with some matching nursery accessories. Whatever combo you choose, just remember to keep it interesting.



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