A Gift Basket in Disguise

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What should I send to the hospital if flowers are banned?

A Gift Basket in Disguise

If you are thinking of sending flowers to celebrate the birth of a new baby, you might want to reconsider. Many hospitals have banned flowers in patient's rooms due to potential health risks. If this is the case, there are some creative baby gift ideas that are just as thoughtful.

An inventive idea is to give a gift basket that takes traditional baby gifts and disguises them as something else. For example, you can get a baby bouquet that features onesies, bibs, burp cloths and other baby essentials rolled-up to mimic roses. You can also send a gift basket that includes baby items folded and arranged to resemble a pizza. For a friend with a sweet tooth, you can send a box of onesies that look like cupcakes or a vase full of onesies wrapped up as lollipops.

In addition to being more inventive, these gifts are more practical since they include items the baby will actually use.



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