It's a Plus Sign!

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What gift should I give to celebrate a new pregnancy?

It's a Plus Sign!

For most woman, the day she finds out she is pregnant is one of the most memorable days of her life. She may have nine more months until the baby arrives, but it is never too early to start celebrating. Give her a sentimental gift to commemorate the day and she will be even happier.

For a treasured keepsake, this occasion definitely calls for a piece of jewelry. When deciding on what to get her, consider that she will start to swell soon, so a ring or bracelet might not fit her towards the end of the pregnancy. A necklace is probably a better idea since you won't have to worry about the length or size. Check out the collection of sterling silver necklaces from Baroni Jewelry that feature designs that celebrate love. Featuring heart pendants and love charms, wearing one of these necklaces will constantly remind mom of the day her heart filled with the joy of creating a new life.



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