Guess How Many Diapers

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How can I create a game using diapercakes?

Guess How Many Diapers

Diaper cakes not only make great centerpieces, but you can also use them for a fun game. When guests sit down at their table, have a slip of paper and a pencil ready. Once everyone arrives, tell your guests to write down how many diapers they think are in the room. Collect all the guesses in a cup or bowl and give a fun gift to the person who answers closest to the right amount.

Of course you will need to know how man y diapers are in each cake before you set them out on the tables. You can also find other creative ways to incorporate diapers into the decorations to make it even harder to guess the right number.

Another perk to the diaper cakes is that the mom-to-be will have plenty of diapers to get her through the first few months with her new baby. If you are planning a baby shower and need a diaper cake, Bloomers Baby Diaper Cakes are an elegant choice. They have a great selection of tiered cakes that are absolutely beautiful.



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