Baby Bingo

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How can I keep guest engaged while gifts are being opened?

Baby Bingo

A fun and easy game to play at a baby shower is Baby Bingo. This game is meant to be played when the mom-to-be is opening her gifts to help keep the guests engaged. Here‘s how it works:

Design Bingo boards that say “Baby!” across the top (rather than Bingo) and feature 5 potential gifts under each column. Include both traditional and unique baby gifts so each board is noticeable different. This will reduce the chances of having multiple winners at one time.

Place the letters B-a-b-y-! into a bowl and designate someone to pick out a letter before each gift is opened. Inform guests to mark any boxes that correspond to both the letter called and the gift opened. For example, if the letter is “y” and the expecting mom opens a stroller – anyone that has a picture of a stroller in the “y” column can check it off.

The goal is to check-off 5 items in a row, just like traditional Bingo. Have a few small gifts on hand to pass out to the winners.



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