Dinner Cruise Baby Shower

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Dinner Cruise Baby Shower

If the mom-to-be is up for it and likes to ride on a boat, you could organize a Babyshower on a dinner cruise boat. You can start by consulting with guests to see if they are up for giving a contribution for the cost of the cruise.

Most dinner cruises offer group discounts, so if you can get enough guests (go ahead, invite significant others and husbands as well!) the cost may go down significantly.

Let the person you book the cruise with know that this will be for a baby shower and they may be able to add decorating items or do something special for you. Depending on the boat you choose they may also set the decorations up for you if you give them in advance before the cruise trip.

This would be a nice way to have a shower and it will guarantee no one will be bored. In fact, most people will look forward to it!



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