Organizing a Babyshower on a Budget

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Organizing a Babyshower on a Budget

Let's face it, these days everyone is a little tight when it comes to money and expenses. But having said that, your pregnant friend's baby is coming regardless and she will need a few baby item gifts and could probably use a nice get together with her friends and family.

A good idea to help make a shower more affordable, but still fun and worthwhile, is to ask the guests to chip in instead of having one ow two people bear the brunt of it all.

Figure the amount that everything will cost and then contact all the people you want to invite. Explain to them what you plan to do and why; most people will understand and have no problem in helping out with the costs. Another tip is to only invite close friends and family, who will more willingly help with money than mere acquaintances that may feel forced to help.

Try not to go too crazy with the decorations and keep the costs down, so that more money can go towards the food and, most importantly, the gifts for mommy and the baby.

The guests and the celebration will be enough to make this event a memorable one for everyone!



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