Drink the Bottle Game

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Drink the Bottle Game

This game is a lot of fun and will have the guests laughing hysterically. To play you will need a bunch of plastic 8 oz. baby bottles, about one for each guest (get a couple of extras, just in case). Buy the cheap plastic bottles that are sold in multiple packs, or even disposable ones, since they will only be used one time to play the game. Make sure to get the Stage 1 nipples with the smaller holes so that it will be harder to drink from them.

Fill the bottles with skim milk, water or any other liquid that's easy to drink. Hand a filled bottle to each guest and set a timer for one minute.

The guest that finishes the bottle or that drinks the most in one minute wins the game and gets a prize.

The funny sight of a bunch of grown women sucking down baby bottles will have everyone laughing in stitches! It will be quite hard to drink while trying not to laugh...



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