Personalized Chocolate Bar Party Favors

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Personalized Chocolate Bar Party Favors

A great low-cost idea that guests will love is getting chocolate bars with personalized wrappers.

Start by getting a large bag of assorted small chocolate bars and remove the paper wrapping, leaving the silver foil intact. Then, divide a sheet of paper into sized sections by measuring one of the removed chocolate wrappers. You can do this on your computer by using a program such as Microsoft Word. Decorate each sectioned wrapper with clip art and write a message with the mom's to be name and date of the shower, for example. You can also buy pre-decorated paper, print out your message and cut to size for larger chocolate bars.

Another way to do this if you don't have access to a computer and/or printer is to buy colored paper (classical blue and pink, or any other color to match your shower theme) and cut it into small wrapper size pieces (or bigger chocolate bars work also) and then handwrite your message on them with colored markers.

Once the paper is decorated and/or printed, cut the pre-measured wrapper sections and use glue to secure them around the chocolate bars. You can scatter them around the areas where the guests will sit, or divide them into small baggies for the guests to take with them as they leave.

If you are not crafty and all this cutting and measuring is too much, there's an even easier alternative. Get some paper that's decorated around the edges and blank in the middle (you can find these in stores that sell stationary such as Home Depot or Kinko's). Then on your computer open a letter-sized document and right on the middle of the page write out your message (name of the future mom and date of the shower). Then, place the decorated paper in the printer's paper tray and print one sheet. Make sure the message is printed on the middle of the page or adjust it accordingly so that it does. When you are satisfied on the position of the message print out the amount of 'wrappers' you need.

Place your printed sheets around the chocolate bars (this works best with the larger sized bars) and trim accordingly so that a little of the silver foil sticks out on each side. Of course, make sure the message appears on the top part of the chocolate bar and then glue it in place using a glue stick. You can give one bar to each guest at the shower as she leaves.



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