Good Wishes for Mommy and Baby

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Good Wishes for Mommy and Baby

A nice touch to add to a babyshower is to have guests do a special wish for the new mom and baby. To do this, ask each guest to bring a little charm, such as a small silver figure or a pretty stone etc... Then on a piece of paper have them write a good wish for both mommy and the little one. Tell the guests to write things like what they hope for them, or a good piece of advice or anything they feel they can say to uplift the future mom.

Then on the paper also have the guests describe the charm they brought so that the new mommy will know who brought which charm and what they represent. Also, tell the guests to try and get a charm that will be able to be put through a chain. When you have all the guest's charms put them through a nice pretty chain necklace and present it to the future mom together with the sheets of paper with the corresponding writings.

A good idea for the papers is to place them inside a photo album and add cute decorations through the pages, that way the new mom can leaf through them anytime she wants to remember her friends and her special babyshower.



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