Handmade BabyShower Invitation Ideas

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Handmade BabyShower Invitation Ideas

If you want an original baby shower invitation you can easily make some very cute ones on your own. These ideas require little work and are fun to make too.

Diaper Invitation: Get some blue or pink construction paper (yellow or green if the baby's gender is unknown). Cut it into triangles of about 4 or 5 inches wide and tall - or big enough to easily fit the shower information on. With some color markers write down all the information needed: date, place, time, etc... fold the triangles like a diaper and secure with a small safety pin. Place in an envelope and address it to the guest.

Baby Blocks Invitation: Cut three squares of different colored construction paper. Draw a letter of the alphabet of a number on each square and then glue them by overlapping them slightly. Turn them around and write the party information on the back of the glued squares. Place in envelope and address to the guest.

Happy Baby Face Invitation: Cut out round pieces of construction paper for the baby's face. Then cut a triangular piece of either blue, pink or yellow construction paper for a 'hat' and glue to the top of the circle. Next, draw a big smile on the circle for the baby's mouth and glue two plastic eyes (available at most craft stores) on it. Then, cut two small light pink circles for the baby's cheeks and glue those on the face too. You can also draw a couple of freckles on the face if you'd like or any other detail you may want. Write the party information on the back of the 'baby face', then place in envelope and address to the guest.



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